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Why Hendrix?

We chose the name Hendrix because we believe that stylists are similar to artists in that they enjoy creativity, freedom & success. When we made the switch from the salon to our own suites, the benefits were night and day from the barber shops where we worked. That was when we truly made the leap from barbers to business owners. Our goal is to offer the same benefits to our lessees.


What We Offer

Hendrix Salons offer a clean and elegant working environment, with completely private studios that were thoughtfully designed for beauty professionals. We offer space for hair stylists, barbers, massage therapists, and nail technicians to truly own their own businesses and be their own boss.

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Change Your Career With Hendrix:

- Put more time and control in your hands

- Increase your profit margin

- Brand your own way


The Company

Hendrix was started by stylists in the industry hungry to help other stylist and beauty professional become independent and enjoy the freedom of becoming their own boss, set their own prices, and set their own schedule. Tenants will be able to make more money and enjoy a relaxed environment that they will control.

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